What is in a brand?

Lately, the increase in small business owners coming to us to help establish a brand has been amazing. These days, small business owners are trying to figure out who they are and how they can become more established with the local community.

When it comes to the service industry, its more work to establish a brand or name for yourself. You have to prove yourself, show that you have the background and years in the field. Still the common mistake made is by describing what you can do, INSTEAD of describing how you can help make the prospect's life better by using your services.

Branding is not all about colors or the logo/mascot. It's about your message. What makes you unique from the mass of competitors? How can you show that being a small company is a benefit not a draw back? These are questions that should be answered while establishing a branding for your business. If you can have a tag line that is 7 words or less and doesn't leave the prospect confused of what you offer then you have done a good job.

How do you present your branding? The first thing that is given is normally a full color business card. That is the first impression of your brand other than yourself. Yes, you are your brand. Present yourself as such. Make sure that your business card clearly states your tagline, your website, and of course 3 bullet points to how you can help them. That way, even after you leave, they will still know what you do.

These simple questions will help you determine the brand for your small business.