Thanks Joe - Mystere was amazing!

There are many benefits to attending PubCon, which is where I have been at since Monday night, but the one on Tuesday night was complimentary tix to see Mystere at Treasure Island. Joe Morin hooked us up and a bunch of us bloggers attended the many shows of vegas. Myself and my new found best friend Shari of attended Mystere. It was my first time at this show but have attended 2 other cirque shows.

This show was amazing. The music was fantastic and unique. The costumes were outrageous and out there. The acrobatics always fascinate me and I'm always hanging on the edge of my seat and scared for them that they will fall. I love the swings and when they hang down from the lines and twirls and spin. The specialty of this show was the climbing. IMHO anyway. Each show has something unique. This one was crawling on the walls and up end down the poles. Just fascinating how limber and disciplined and how damn strong they all are. Then there were the 2 guys. that just did things I never thought possible. I cant even describe it so here is a photo.

talk about perfection. You should have seen the entire show. The thing about any cirque show is that its visual overload because there are so many things going on, the costumes and colors and the theater design. Its so hard to catch everything because you may be focused on the main show but then off in the ceiling something is beginning to happen. Then there is the comedy feature of the show. This time it was the baby which was just hilarious. They always have a comedy thrown in and always amusing. They usually start that segment around 15 min or so before the show time, that's why is good to get there early.

It was a fantastic night. I look forward to seeing Ka next year when I'm here for the conference.

Another thought though, as I was enjoying the show, I couldn't help but think about business. Mainly because that's how my mind works. This show, is a prime example of everyone working in unison. When they were doing the seesaw segment, everyone had their job to do, if one person faltered then someone would either get seriously injured or the show would have a flaw of a mistake, which I have yet to witness. I just couldn't help but think that that is how a business is to be run. Everyone has their task/specialty/job to do and if one person drops the ball then the company as a whole pays for it.

This is especially true when dealing with SEO, SEM and PPC. If you are not on top of it all then your site takes a hit, unfortunately not in a good way. All the new tools, tricks and people that I've met this week, have really helps me discover new ways to make sure that the ball isn't dropped. I'm anxious to reread my notes and start planning way to implement the new ideas and products to the arsenal that I've already developed.