Full Color Foil Printing WOWs Prospects

NEW! Full Color Foil Printing

Full color foil printing is the newest and most revolutionary process in the marketplace today! It's eye candy. It has the magnetism of a shinny quarter in a school playground.

The Process of Full Color Foil Printing
Foil Printing ProcessFoil Printing Colors

In Line Cold Foil is the design and marketing tool that everyone is embracing as an essential part of their available tools to capture prospects attention.It makes you think, what is the purpose of creating a flyer or postcard to market your services? The purpose is to attempt to capture your target audience's attention, even if just for a brief moment. Because, a brief moment is all you have to either make an impression or to loose your prospects interest. That is why foil printing or foil stamping is so important. It gives you a higher chance of capturing someones attention. It's different, it's eye candy that is irresistible to the eye. Try it for yourself and you too will notice the higher response rate from your foil marketing tool.

Unlike hot foil systems, cold foil is an inline process and does not require heat for transfer nor expensive dies to define the design. Instead, cold foil systems are made up of two units: one unit of the system applies an adhesive that defines the imprint for the foil, and the second unit releases the foil from a carrier sheet and applies it to the substrate. Quite an amazing process, right?

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Request foil printed samples today and you too will agree that this is the most effective tool to draw attention to your most valuable marketing tool.

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