Are you a social addict

This post is dedicated to my 15,000th Tweet! Thats right! 15,000!!!

Some may say I'm a social butterfly, but really, I'm just one helluva lucky person. I got involved with twitter back in March 2009. Its been the best relationship. I remember like it was just yesterday. @ShariMcConahay is the one to blame for setting us up. The first person I started to interact with was @MMwine. It was that initial engagement that had me going. I was going to my favorite Internet Marketing Conference #Pubcon and wanted to get to know the peeps that I'd be hanging out with all week. It was then I discovered the true power of Twitter and it was really the only way I knew what was going on from session to session as well as where everyone is at for parties. Which is really the most important.

Since then, I've made some of my best friends, @twittgoddess, @bachinaminuet, @vicequeenmaria @believepsalm91, @pamrockssofla and @katemorris just to name a few. The list is long and mighty my friends. Most of which have become my best friends and partners in crime.

Twitter is a place that gives you a choice of who your friends are. Not by growing up with them or because they are in the same path but because you chose to say "Follow".

Its the real deal. You can be who you are around them because well, they already know the trouble you cause, get into or are in. If someone doesn't like what you have to say then its as easy as "Unfollow". Which does happen and I take no offense.

The opportunities that have opened up also are amazing. Its also allowed me to create my own little tweetups like #Sushitweetup

What I'm getting at is that, without a doubt in my mind, I love my twitter friends and would do anything for them. While those that don't get twitter may think I'm crazy because they are internet friends, these are people that are in it. We've evolved from just tweeting but to face-to-face meetings and talking on the phone.

To you my friends, I am greatful every day for meeting you and having you in my life. I love you for you and all that you are. This post is dedicated to YOU.


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