Thanks Joe - Mystere was amazing!

There are many benefits to attending PubCon, which is where I have been at since Monday night, but the one on Tuesday night was complimentary tix to see Mystere at Treasure Island. Joe Morin hooked us up and a bunch of us bloggers attended the many shows of vegas. Myself and my new found best friend Shari of attended Mystere. It was my first time at this show but have attended 2 other cirque shows.

This show was amazing. The music was fantastic and unique. The costumes were outrageous and out there. The acrobatics always fascinate me and I'm always hanging on the edge of my seat and scared for them that they will fall. I love the swings and when they hang down from the lines and twirls and spin. The specialty of this show was the climbing. IMHO anyway. Each show has something unique. This one was crawling on the walls and up end down the poles. Just fascinating how limber and disciplined and how damn strong they all are. Then there were the 2 guys. that just did things I never thought possible. I cant even describe it so here is a photo.

talk about perfection. You should have seen the entire show. The thing about any cirque show is that its visual overload because there are so many things going on, the costumes and colors and the theater design. Its so hard to catch everything because you may be focused on the main show but then off in the ceiling something is beginning to happen. Then there is the comedy feature of the show. This time it was the baby which was just hilarious. They always have a comedy thrown in and always amusing. They usually start that segment around 15 min or so before the show time, that's why is good to get there early.

It was a fantastic night. I look forward to seeing Ka next year when I'm here for the conference.

Another thought though, as I was enjoying the show, I couldn't help but think about business. Mainly because that's how my mind works. This show, is a prime example of everyone working in unison. When they were doing the seesaw segment, everyone had their job to do, if one person faltered then someone would either get seriously injured or the show would have a flaw of a mistake, which I have yet to witness. I just couldn't help but think that that is how a business is to be run. Everyone has their task/specialty/job to do and if one person drops the ball then the company as a whole pays for it.

This is especially true when dealing with SEO, SEM and PPC. If you are not on top of it all then your site takes a hit, unfortunately not in a good way. All the new tools, tricks and people that I've met this week, have really helps me discover new ways to make sure that the ball isn't dropped. I'm anxious to reread my notes and start planning way to implement the new ideas and products to the arsenal that I've already developed.

What is in a brand?

Lately, the increase in small business owners coming to us to help establish a brand has been amazing. These days, small business owners are trying to figure out who they are and how they can become more established with the local community.

When it comes to the service industry, its more work to establish a brand or name for yourself. You have to prove yourself, show that you have the background and years in the field. Still the common mistake made is by describing what you can do, INSTEAD of describing how you can help make the prospect's life better by using your services.

Branding is not all about colors or the logo/mascot. It's about your message. What makes you unique from the mass of competitors? How can you show that being a small company is a benefit not a draw back? These are questions that should be answered while establishing a branding for your business. If you can have a tag line that is 7 words or less and doesn't leave the prospect confused of what you offer then you have done a good job.

How do you present your branding? The first thing that is given is normally a full color business card. That is the first impression of your brand other than yourself. Yes, you are your brand. Present yourself as such. Make sure that your business card clearly states your tagline, your website, and of course 3 bullet points to how you can help them. That way, even after you leave, they will still know what you do.

These simple questions will help you determine the brand for your small business.

Optimized Design for your Web Site

What exactly is optimized design you ask?

It works directly with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or the Search engine marketing of your web site. Optimized design of your web site takes into consideration all the factors needed for successful optimization of your web site.

  • User experience - Making sure the navigation of your site is easy for the end-user. Providing ease of use of your web site, allowing the viewer to find what they are looking for easily and quickly.
  • Graphic Design - Creating an eye-catching and compelling design that directly relates to your brand.
  • Optimization - Impletmenting the design while also making the web site search engine friendly by utilizing the best practices in web site programming. By implementing the best keywords and phrases through rigorous analysis of your competitors and industry.
While its great to have a site that looks great, in todays every growing web, you must realize that the basis of a web site is to attract new customers. Let us help you create a web presence which brings results with effective OPTIMIZED design that will help your bottomline.

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Dear Amanda,

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Thanks, Ellen Rohr, Bare Bones Biz

Tradeshows - Top 5 tips for a successful tradeshow

Tradeshows can prove to be profitable if you are prepared. Its a time when you are continuing your brand and putting together a plan to help lure more people to your booth. Its a long process but it can prove to be quite rewarding once completed. Its another aspect of marketing your business. How you conduct yourself at the booth, the different freebies that you offer and even your placement of where you stand to greet people are all factors in a successful tradeshow.

  1. When picking giveaways make sure its something that can display not only your logo but also a phone number. Most promo companies are very knowledgable about what is popular and what is best for your prospects. Consult with them.
  2. When designing a banner, make sure you have your logo visibly displayed. Its best to bullet point what you offer so when someone is walking by, its quick for them to read.
  3. Have a raffle. This will allow you to collect business cards. Make sure you spend atleast $100 and be creative. Don't offer a common gift basket or your shirts. Make sure its something that everyone will go "Oh wow, I want to win that". You must also keep in mind that it travels well since most people will go home via plane.
  4. Where comfortable shoes! You will be standing the entire time. You should be in front of the booth greeting people as they walk by. Do not ever be behind the booth.
  5. Always smile.
If you have never done a booth, following these 5 simple steps will help you have a successful tradeshow. Should you ever need any full color printing for your tradeshow or promo items. Please give us a call 888-774-6861. We are experts at exposing our clients with online and offline marketing.

Great FREE business tools

In our ever growing quest to help small business owners, we want to share a few great FREE tools. We hope this helps with growing your business.
  1. Free Web Conferencing - Have you ever needed to set up a conference call and realized that 3 way calling through your local provider just wasn't cutting it! Try It allows you to setup a conference line for your clients to call into. You can hear everyone fine and best of all its free.
  2. Free Faxes - Through jconnect, you can receive faxes through your email in a .tif format. You receive a free phone number (local numbers cost money) and anyone can fax documents to that number and it comes to you in an email. Fantastic. Technology at its best. Try jconnect!
  3. Sending Large Files - Have you ever needed to send a large file but under a time crunch where sending a cd just wouldn't work? Yousendit is a great online tool that doesn't require special software to send up to 1gig files. Signup is free. Its a great tool and no FTP software or knowledge is required. Try yousendit.
Other tools that will help your business, is our U-Manage tool. U-Manage is a web site management tool that will allow you to make changes to your web site without any coding/HTML knowledge. Through our web interface admin panel, you can make all the changes to your web site over the web. Contact us today to learn how to manage your site more effectively.

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Hot new site up

After about 6 months of production, we've finally released a hot new site.

Its a florida vacation rentals web site. It has every feature we offer and then some. We implemented our shopping cart to book the rentals, the web site management tool for the client to edit the site herself and also a booking calendar that allows her to blackout rental days and for anyone to book to be able to select the dates they want to stay and it calculates it and adds to the shopping cart. The client is looking to take the site to phase 2 where we allow anyone to post their rental on the site like Very soon we'll also start the SEO of the site to help get her above her competition. She's renevated everything and so I may just try to get a place on the water for a weekend. Even has a yacht. Ships ahoy!

I'm very excited to have a site that includes all of our greatest programs. Stay tuned for more great releases. You too can have a site like this. Its a great feeling to have a site that not only looks good but has a purpose and bringing you money.

Going Global... search engine optimization helps you get there

Going global? Have you ever thought about taking your business global? Its a scary thought but as I am a thrill seeker, I look for those scary thoughts to get out of the comfort zone.

When I decided to take on a new arm for my marketing company, I knew it was going to be a lot of work. It was and still is. I knew that search engine optimization was a must have in my arsenal of services. SEO is now becoming a must have for all businesses. Because I have decided to offer this service. I know attend more conferences, read more articles and have the need to update our site and marketing materials. The end result of web site optimization though is amazing. If you really think about it, there is no end result; its always continuing to the next level. It is what helps you go global. I had a client that was a local builder, they never even thought about the benefits and the people they can reach through SEO. Even if your business is in one county or one state doesn't mean that other businesses or consumers won't be looking for you in their state. Maybe they are looking to move, start another location, or even attend a conference. Its all relevant to search engine marketing and your web site.

Global is big and scary but its an opportunity for growth and increasing your income. That's what all of us strive for. Why not have your site working for you when you are sleeping, when you are on vacation or on the weekends when you are spending time with your family...

We can help you with your fears and turn them into dollar signs. We love roller coasters and will be there right there with you with our hands up in the air screaming, THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

Call us today for the best ride of your life... 866-673-6733

To blog or not to blog...

Its been a few weeks since I've posted anything. Vacations are always welcomed when you are on them but the week before... not so much. Back onto routine... and blogging should be another part of your routine.

I've noticed that while "blogging" is a commonly used term not a lot of people are familiar with the benefits of it. Here are a few reasons why you should spend an extra 30 minutes a week on your blog.
  • A way to show you are an expert in your field
  • Another gateway to your site from the search engines
  • A great tool for posting articles, tips or displaying your product or service of the week or month.
When you are posting to your blog, you should make sure that you are speaking about one topic. That one topic will allow you to include keyword rich words into your article. If you bold them or link them to a particular spot on your site that will only help in your efforts. For example, if I am talking about my brochure specials and my keywords for brochures are cheap brochure printing, discount brochure printing, and 4 color printing brochure. Then I would plug in my keywords like so... is offering a special on cheap brochure printing. Not only did I bold the phrase but I linked the keyword to the proper page on my site. Don't bother with "click here". That does not help you in any way.

Here are a few links that will help you on your way.
Blogger - This site will allow you to create your own blog and use their tools on their site which they would host.
Wordpress - This allows you to create a blog and host it on your server.

Its all a matter of preference. Happy blogging!

We are in the Business News Section

Very exciting news this morning. I have finally been placed in the newspaper in the business section, which is the best place to be. Please read the article. It all about doing business with the SuperBowl. What a great way to start off the week!

Enjoy and comment if you like here.

The Newspaper Article

Awarded by the SuperBowl

What a great way to start a week. I was notified Monday morning that I had won the "Emerging Business of the Month". I was very excited. I have been doing work with the SuperBowl for a few months now. Its been really great and everyone there is such a pleasure to deal with. I maintain the site now since they fired their previous designer. The reason for winning it is that "These businesses have shown attention to detail, followed directions closely, and have demonstrated the criteria that we expressed at the last Emerging Business Event." Now I am entered in to win 2 Super Bowl tix.

This just goes to show you that if you take chances and work hard you will be rewarded. You need to have patience to be in business for yourself. Eventually you will come out on top. Stick with what you love and have a passion for and others will buy into it.

Because we love what we do for you, please call us today to learn more about our Search Engine marketing strategies for your business and web site. Are you ranked?!

Happy New Year! Setting Goals

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2007!

Have you set your business goals and personal goals yet? Do you even know where to start to set your goals? Its a tough one. I always find it best to set goals in 2 levels. First level is the one that is more reasonable. Second level is the one that is outrageous to even think about. If you have that even in your subconscious, you have a good chance of surpassing your first level and onto the second.

Next you want to determine the goal areas. Where do you want your business to be? Do you want to hire someone(s), get a larger office space, offer more services? Where do you want to be financially? Lastly, don't forget about your personal goals. Its not always about business. Take care of yourself. If you hit a goal, determine a reward that will help you push hit that goal. Make sure you tell others of your goal and even include them in it. That way you have a cheering section that also gets rewarded and will help push you. A nudge from others can always work for you.

You also want to have short-term goals as well as long-term goals. What do you want to accomplish in 3 months, 6months or 1 year? Right them down. Post it on your blog or journal. Once your put it down on paper, it binds you to it.

Its never to late to set goals. I know the goals I set last were hit and even exceeded. This year I am challenging myself even more but still working out the details.

What will your outrageous goal be?