We are in the Business News Section

Very exciting news this morning. I have finally been placed in the newspaper in the business section, which is the best place to be. Please read the article. It all about doing business with the SuperBowl. What a great way to start off the week!

Enjoy and comment if you like here.

The Newspaper Article

Awarded by the SuperBowl

What a great way to start a week. I was notified Monday morning that I had won the "Emerging Business of the Month". I was very excited. I have been doing work with the SuperBowl for a few months now. Its been really great and everyone there is such a pleasure to deal with. I maintain the site now since they fired their previous designer. The reason for winning it is that "These businesses have shown attention to detail, followed directions closely, and have demonstrated the criteria that we expressed at the last Emerging Business Event." Now I am entered in to win 2 Super Bowl tix.

This just goes to show you that if you take chances and work hard you will be rewarded. You need to have patience to be in business for yourself. Eventually you will come out on top. Stick with what you love and have a passion for and others will buy into it.

Because we love what we do for you, please call us today to learn more about our Search Engine marketing strategies for your business and web site. Are you ranked?!

Happy New Year! Setting Goals

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2007!

Have you set your business goals and personal goals yet? Do you even know where to start to set your goals? Its a tough one. I always find it best to set goals in 2 levels. First level is the one that is more reasonable. Second level is the one that is outrageous to even think about. If you have that even in your subconscious, you have a good chance of surpassing your first level and onto the second.

Next you want to determine the goal areas. Where do you want your business to be? Do you want to hire someone(s), get a larger office space, offer more services? Where do you want to be financially? Lastly, don't forget about your personal goals. Its not always about business. Take care of yourself. If you hit a goal, determine a reward that will help you push hit that goal. Make sure you tell others of your goal and even include them in it. That way you have a cheering section that also gets rewarded and will help push you. A nudge from others can always work for you.

You also want to have short-term goals as well as long-term goals. What do you want to accomplish in 3 months, 6months or 1 year? Right them down. Post it on your blog or journal. Once your put it down on paper, it binds you to it.

Its never to late to set goals. I know the goals I set last were hit and even exceeded. This year I am challenging myself even more but still working out the details.

What will your outrageous goal be?