What a year!

What a year!!! Its been a very exciting year. Lots of new ideas were put to life this year.

We launched our printing site Print-it-Quick.com. Which has been in the works for quite some time. Its a great way for our clients to purchase printing as well as upload their files. The site also helped create one heckofa case study for our other new service. Search Engine Optimization. This month alone we've had 3 very large orders come in because of it. Not only are the 3 new clients but they are clients that are looking to print many more orders. Full color printing has been a great addition to our services the past few years though this year we've doubled our production.

Another idea that has been in the works that is launching beginning of January is our Web site management tool. I have been asked to offer this type of product for quite some time but I haven't had the programming power to do so. I finally found a very highly talented programmer to come work for us and its paying off. This tool will allow any client who opts in for this to modify their site without any skills. All you need is a web browser (any kind) , an internet connection and a web site. This tool allows you to browse through your images on your server to place your images through a thumbnail view. Which is pretty damn cool! The editor is easy to use, almost as if you are using Word. We've taken all the great things everyone needs and wants and put them into one tool. Any site can be converted.

With the new year ahead. I am anxious to release them to the public. Come January 1st. Everyone will then know the pricing and details. Till then you'll have to wait in suspense in what the full package will hold. I guarantee it'll be worth the wait. Stay tuned. I promise 2007 will not be boring by any means. We will be taking the term "marketing company" to a whole new level with you in mind!

Cheers to a great 2006 and to an even better 2007!!!

Chat with you next year!

Is your web site up-to-date?

In the rapid pace rat race you need to have your web site updated on a very regular basis. What is a regular basis? Every other week, though weekly is much better. It only helps you but who has the time and money for that. To learn code takes weeks and to pay someone will cost hundreds of $$. Luckily through our new web site content manager, anyone who has internet access and knowledge of Microsoft Word can use it. No coding needed, no knowledge of HTML, ASP or PHP. That way when you have any last minute events, press or edits, you won't have to wait. The internet has made everyone need everything yesterday and we are here to fulfill that NEED. We have customized this product and put out what we believe is the most functional of CMS (content management systems) products.

But wait there's more!!!!

Not only can you edit the content in your web site with ease, you can also easily optimize your site with changing the titles, descriptions and keywords of each page.

Finally, a solution that will give you the control without the fear of putting your site offline with one typo. Now you can update your site and keep the search engines happy with fresh content. Because that is what it is all about. Pleasing the allmighty search engines.

When 1 to 2 keywords isn't enough

As the holidays quickly approach so do the deadlines and the upcoming year preparations. With only one and a half weeks to go, the stress and tension level is quickly poking out from everyone. Not to worry though. It will soon be over and the new year will start.

This has been a great month. The print-it-quick.com web site is really doing well. The processing of the cheap business cards for the low price of $150 for 5,000 is really making an impact. The biggest search term for the site is 24 hour turnaround along with pairing it with different cities like New Jersey and New York. In a study of keywords, we actually took the biggest cities searched for and included that with the keywords. It proves to work fantastic. No longer are people searching for just 1-2 keywords. They are bringing it local and the keywords are now averaging 3-4 to make sure they get the most accurate search results. So when you are researching your keywords, don't be shy on the larger phrases. It could prove to bring more valuable customers to your virtual front door.

Search Engine Optimization Works

Case Study 1:
For the past few months I have been optimizing http://www.print-it-quick.com. Print-it-quick.com is a web site where you are able to place an order for full color printing like cheap brochure printing, business cards, rack cards, ect. I was told that to get orders off the internet was extremely difficult. Naturally, I took on the challenge.

Getting the site listed in the search engines was tricky. Since a few sites now have to find you through other sites. The key words I have been optimizing are:

  • Full Color Printing Florida
  • Full Color Printing
  • Business Card Online Printing
  • Discount Brochure Printing
  • Cheap brochure printing
  • Business card printing service
  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • 4 color printing brochure

As of yesterday, my rankings are:

Total Number 1 Positions: 1

Total Top-10 Positions: 6

Total Top-20 Positions: 7

24 Hour Turnaround -RANK 23- http://www.print-it-quick.com/

24 Hour Turnaround -RANK 4- http://www.print-it-quick.com/

4 color printing brochure -RANK 1 - http://www.print-it-quick.com/printing-trifold-brochures.shtml

Business Card Online Printing -RANK 4 - http://www.print-it-quick.com/printing-business-cards.shtml

Business card printing service -RANK 17- http://www.print-it-quick.com/printing-business-cards.shtml

Cheap brochure printing -RANK 3- http://www.print-it-quick.com/printing-trifold-brochures.shtml

Discount Brochure Printing -RANK 3- http://www.print-it-quick.com/printing-trifold-brochures.shtml

Full Color Printing Florida -RANK 8- http://www.print-it-quick.com/printing-posters.shtml

These are only for the top 20. We are listed with all the major ones like Yahoo, AltaVista, Alltheweb, but still climbing to the top on those.

This is a very tedious process. Choosing the right keywords and then what to do with afterwards. It is a science and we look forward to taking on more challenges for our clients. We have made money off of our SEO efforts and have processed quite a large order. We've recieved a lot of inquiries from all of the United States and even from Canada which we hope to process this week which could lead to printing of close to 1 million pieces. We wanted to make sure we could deliver for our clients which is why we have waited as long as we have to release this. We want to prove to you that we are able to deliver.

Stay tuned for further updates on our SEO efforts.

WebMasterWorld -Conf. for SEO Geeks

Geeks Unite!

Headed to Vegas for my first ever Search Engine Conference and first trip to Vegas. I was told that WMW was one of the best and it truely was. The conference was 3 full days and then the last day is always held at a pub, which is how the conference got its name.

The reason for going was to be able to speak to all the gurus at the search engines, speak to everyone else who is doing this and brainstorm on how things can be improved and what tools work better than others. I use a few different programs but I needed to find ones that are maybe more efficient. I wanted to also get up-to-date on the latest and greatest out there and what sites are great resources for staying up-t0-date. I found everything I needed to and then some. My clients will definitely benefit from this conference and the release date for doing SEO for my clients is January 1, 2007. So it came at a perfect time.

I didn't know what to expect or how the sessions would be. They were all very informative. So informative that I took well over 80 pages of notes. CDs will be sent but I didn't want to wait.

The first day just blew me away. There was so much information to take in. It was exhiliarating. The last 2 days of the sessions were just as fantastic. The keynote speakers also, were fabulous. Funny, informative and inspiring. Danny Sullivan, Guy Kawaski, Matt Cutts. All leaders in the industry. Especially Matt Cutts. He's the guy you want to know. He's the Spam engineer for Google. You make good with Google and you are golden for everyone else. It was also great to hear that all the main SE are forming together to make one standard sitemap.

I also had a chance to meet a few great vendors to help with text linking and ad buying. Which will be key to a successful SEO/SEM campaign.

Its been a long time going to my industry conferences and it was just a great experience. I learned a lot about RSS, Blogging (which is becoming a real necessity for all businesses), the standards for optimizing your web site and also what not to do to your site to try and get ranked quickly.

I also learned very quickly that these guys know how to do it right. What better way to finish off 8 hours of sessions then with an open bar right afterwards to allow you to wind down and really talk geek to everyone. Then the grand finalle was the pub meeting in NY NY. That is when I was really able to talk to everyone. I was able to really pick the brains of some really great people and meet others that will prove valuable to my SEO business.

It truely was a great conference and I'll do it again next year. What better place and time to have it then in Vegas in November.

Start of a new beginning

Welcome to our blog. Stay tuned as many exciting things are happening. Let us be your marketing arm in helping you get your message and company out there. Here are how we can help you:
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