The stress of travel for tradeshows

As I sit on a plane to Chicago for a tradeshow. I'm easily reminded of the long stressful task of the prepping before getting to here. How many times do you find yourself adding more to your reminders list. 2, 3, 4...

Here as some tips to make things a bit easier when you have a booth for a tradeshow.
  1. Make a list of what you will need and/or want
  2. Giveaway items
  3. Business cards ( print and/ or design)
  4. Banners and pop ups
  5. Brochures/ marketing material
  6. Enticing treats
Next, figure out the giveaways. They normally take the most time for ordering. Plan at least six (6) weeks ahead minimum. And if you plan appropriately then you can have it directly shipped to the hotel.

Next, determine if you need design. If you need pocket folders, make sure you do those before brochures. You want to avoid rush printing and shipping charges. The popups can be done quickly depending on who you use. Most business cards and brochures only take a few days. Also, if you go with the right printing company they can ship directly as well so you have one less thing to carry.

Lastly, you want to get the right treats to get people to stop. People love to find nice sweets and treats while walking through the exhibit. Dark chocolate and reeses cups are always a huge hit. Also a hard candy is good like Werther's Original. Those items are best if packed with you.

If you plan ahead then shipping ground will save you atleast 75% just in shipping costs and also your stress level will be lower. No matter how much you plan the stress is always there.

The few other tips are:
Wear sneakers when tending to your booth. You will be standing and moving the entire time. You never want to sit at your booth. It's harder to approach people. You will thank me later. You will be surprised that most people just wait for them to come to you. They need a little romance to approach you. Be sure to have giveaways in hand.

Call the hotel business center and see if they will be able to receive your packages. It may end up being cheaper than using the conference company.

If you have any questions please call 888-774-6861 or email us at info (at) 6thsensedesign (dot) com