Tradeshows - Top 5 tips for a successful tradeshow

Tradeshows can prove to be profitable if you are prepared. Its a time when you are continuing your brand and putting together a plan to help lure more people to your booth. Its a long process but it can prove to be quite rewarding once completed. Its another aspect of marketing your business. How you conduct yourself at the booth, the different freebies that you offer and even your placement of where you stand to greet people are all factors in a successful tradeshow.

  1. When picking giveaways make sure its something that can display not only your logo but also a phone number. Most promo companies are very knowledgable about what is popular and what is best for your prospects. Consult with them.
  2. When designing a banner, make sure you have your logo visibly displayed. Its best to bullet point what you offer so when someone is walking by, its quick for them to read.
  3. Have a raffle. This will allow you to collect business cards. Make sure you spend atleast $100 and be creative. Don't offer a common gift basket or your shirts. Make sure its something that everyone will go "Oh wow, I want to win that". You must also keep in mind that it travels well since most people will go home via plane.
  4. Where comfortable shoes! You will be standing the entire time. You should be in front of the booth greeting people as they walk by. Do not ever be behind the booth.
  5. Always smile.
If you have never done a booth, following these 5 simple steps will help you have a successful tradeshow. Should you ever need any full color printing for your tradeshow or promo items. Please give us a call 888-774-6861. We are experts at exposing our clients with online and offline marketing.


  1. Great tips. I'm certain hat i can use them and that they will help me with my Internet marketing strategies. Tips like these are not easy to find these days.

  2. To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?