Day spa in south florida massages me right back into action

Working long hours and in front of the computer all day has forced me to pamper myself a bit more these days. The best "me" time is when I go to the Broward day spa for a swedish massage. Lynn, who is my regular masseuse knows just what to do and how to do it. I've never felt so relaxed after a session from any where else. I used to go to Contour Day Spa but Point Pleasant Wellness is far more superior. Not only in their services but their customer service and truly interested in the wellness of ME.

I've been going to them for years now. It's a beautiful facility in Fort Lauderdale (South Florida). There is always a smiling face that welcomes me after the long pathway the is filled with wonderful aromas and beautiful pictures.

It is run by Joanne and Lynn who are sisters and the masterminds of creating this amazing wellness day spa. Not only can you get a deep tissue massage or foot massage therapy (feels amazing by the way) but they have yoga classes. They also do manicures and pedicures but you would never know it because you never smell the fumes.

I can't wait for next month. They truly give you the love and attention one seeks when going to a day spa.


  1. That sounds wonderful. I am sure that you are thoroughly enjoying your massages. Have agreat day!

  2. Sound Good!!!

    I am late to find this post but Wow, Amazing.

  3. Thank you for the comments. Massages are so important.