Postage Rates Raised Again, Direct Mail Affected

Once again the mail postage rates have gone up ANOTHER $0.02. Which makes it now $0.44. You may not think that is a lot but when you are sending thousands of pieces a week that greatly affects your budget.

So... is USPS trying to make it more difficult for direct mail. I am a firm believer that you should do both online AND offline marketing. However, when those budgets are getting tightened already and then an increase makes it more difficult to hit the targeted audience from all angles. I've already seen a dramatic decrease in amount of pieces in my mailbox from real estate agents. However for agents, now is the best time to market since those semi-serious agents are now onto the next biggest craze for fast cash.

So, for now we will keep on truckin' but I hope that USPS, gives it a reprieve on another increase next May. It was more acceptable when it was every other year or so for a $0.01 increase.

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