Geek Babe Barbie is the new KEWL

Tons of buzz going around about Computer Engineer Barbie. I'm thrilled personally. I remember when it wasn't cool to be a geek. Now, it's all the rage.Which is great but I'm sure we'll get some posers but that can be easily remedied because they will be called out as us geek gals have no problem telling it like it is. Those of you that know me, I'm pretty geeky and never hid it. I love anime, code and design, twitter, video games and Mythbusters, among 100s more. I come close to looking like geek barbie minus the extra pounds... I'm tall with my long blonde hair, blue eyes, and glasses, tho I don't have a pink laptop BUT I do have a red one. Does that count?

I'm surrounded on a daily basis, via Twitter, by awesome geeky gals (@kristy, @katemorris, @katebuckjr, @vicequeenmaria, @lyndseo, the list goes on and on). It's good that the movement is catching on. We deserve our time in the sun and I'm proud to be one of them. I am looking forward to proudly displaying my geek barbie in my office... next to my anime figurines. What... I did just say I love anime right!

Are you a geek gal? If so, tell me. Follow me on twitter, @amandastewart! I'd love to connect. Geek Gals Unite! Maybe I'll even compose a list... MAYBE!

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