What a year!

What a year!!! Its been a very exciting year. Lots of new ideas were put to life this year.

We launched our printing site Print-it-Quick.com. Which has been in the works for quite some time. Its a great way for our clients to purchase printing as well as upload their files. The site also helped create one heckofa case study for our other new service. Search Engine Optimization. This month alone we've had 3 very large orders come in because of it. Not only are the 3 new clients but they are clients that are looking to print many more orders. Full color printing has been a great addition to our services the past few years though this year we've doubled our production.

Another idea that has been in the works that is launching beginning of January is our Web site management tool. I have been asked to offer this type of product for quite some time but I haven't had the programming power to do so. I finally found a very highly talented programmer to come work for us and its paying off. This tool will allow any client who opts in for this to modify their site without any skills. All you need is a web browser (any kind) , an internet connection and a web site. This tool allows you to browse through your images on your server to place your images through a thumbnail view. Which is pretty damn cool! The editor is easy to use, almost as if you are using Word. We've taken all the great things everyone needs and wants and put them into one tool. Any site can be converted.

With the new year ahead. I am anxious to release them to the public. Come January 1st. Everyone will then know the pricing and details. Till then you'll have to wait in suspense in what the full package will hold. I guarantee it'll be worth the wait. Stay tuned. I promise 2007 will not be boring by any means. We will be taking the term "marketing company" to a whole new level with you in mind!

Cheers to a great 2006 and to an even better 2007!!!

Chat with you next year!

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