When 1 to 2 keywords isn't enough

As the holidays quickly approach so do the deadlines and the upcoming year preparations. With only one and a half weeks to go, the stress and tension level is quickly poking out from everyone. Not to worry though. It will soon be over and the new year will start.

This has been a great month. The print-it-quick.com web site is really doing well. The processing of the cheap business cards for the low price of $150 for 5,000 is really making an impact. The biggest search term for the site is 24 hour turnaround along with pairing it with different cities like New Jersey and New York. In a study of keywords, we actually took the biggest cities searched for and included that with the keywords. It proves to work fantastic. No longer are people searching for just 1-2 keywords. They are bringing it local and the keywords are now averaging 3-4 to make sure they get the most accurate search results. So when you are researching your keywords, don't be shy on the larger phrases. It could prove to bring more valuable customers to your virtual front door.

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