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Case Study 1:
For the past few months I have been optimizing is a web site where you are able to place an order for full color printing like cheap brochure printing, business cards, rack cards, ect. I was told that to get orders off the internet was extremely difficult. Naturally, I took on the challenge.

Getting the site listed in the search engines was tricky. Since a few sites now have to find you through other sites. The key words I have been optimizing are:

  • Full Color Printing Florida
  • Full Color Printing
  • Business Card Online Printing
  • Discount Brochure Printing
  • Cheap brochure printing
  • Business card printing service
  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • 4 color printing brochure

As of yesterday, my rankings are:

Total Number 1 Positions: 1

Total Top-10 Positions: 6

Total Top-20 Positions: 7

24 Hour Turnaround -RANK 23-

24 Hour Turnaround -RANK 4-

4 color printing brochure -RANK 1 -

Business Card Online Printing -RANK 4 -

Business card printing service -RANK 17-

Cheap brochure printing -RANK 3-

Discount Brochure Printing -RANK 3-

Full Color Printing Florida -RANK 8-

These are only for the top 20. We are listed with all the major ones like Yahoo, AltaVista, Alltheweb, but still climbing to the top on those.

This is a very tedious process. Choosing the right keywords and then what to do with afterwards. It is a science and we look forward to taking on more challenges for our clients. We have made money off of our SEO efforts and have processed quite a large order. We've recieved a lot of inquiries from all of the United States and even from Canada which we hope to process this week which could lead to printing of close to 1 million pieces. We wanted to make sure we could deliver for our clients which is why we have waited as long as we have to release this. We want to prove to you that we are able to deliver.

Stay tuned for further updates on our SEO efforts.

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